Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sunday, 12 August 2007

By now I was beginning to lose all hope, but I spotted and they say results are guaranteed or your money back, and they start your spell the same day. This is just what I want I thought this is for me, and ‘only’ $100.00. I waited 30 days nothing happened, I was then given a recast, again nothing.

Now I find that they are also advertising constantly, this made me think that they do not cast spells as no time for that if 1000s are buying from them.

They do not even tell you what country they are from, I have found out Greece not the US.

I honestly do not believe anyone I used actually cast a real spell, I paid for nothing. Thanks guys for NOTHING.

So after five months and three failures I tried a spell caster from the UK, Tanith from I lost £50.00 with her on spells and £28.00 on a angel reading that was trash, nothing came true, if it had I’d not be writing this but with my ex. I found Tanith to be kind, but you feel it’s all put on, she asked for more money, so she was trying to keep me sweet for that.

This was another two months lost, seven in total

My next port of call was it was praised on a forum spell review site. I felt happy to use her and paid $1499.99 for her top spell:

3- MORNING STARXX - 6 wishes. 99 % successful. 10-45 days before
spells start to work. Permanent results. U$D 1, 499.00

I was the 1%.

I moaned and she said I was cursed, I am not, I just had a love problem. So she was very unfair.

The first love spell caster I turned to for help was I feel such a fool, but I thought Megan was a real person praising and Grace. I now know it is all the same person and Kyra’s reading was so inaccurate it is unreal.

I lost $100.00 with Kyra and $226.00 with Grace I had two spells from her, both which failed.

I do not think I am going to find anyone who had success with these two, because it is all a scam, they are the same thing and not real at all.

Love Spell Reviews by Brittany

I am sooooooooo fed up with all these fake spell casting websites taking money from vulnerable people, I have decided to collate information on both the good and bad guys. Please post your experiences.